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Thursday, February 28

5:30pm CST

6:00pm CST

Congressional Debate Demonstration 703 Eagle Pride, What does it look like? 817 Have the SLIME of your Life! 303 How to Make a Snowman 604 How to Write a True Story 401 I Know What I Read Last Summer LIBRARY Inspired by Andy {Warhol} - Digital Pop Art 306 Popplet in a Kinder Classroom 205 Raising the Bar STAGE Soundtrack of My Life 103 7 Habits 418 Are You Smarter Than a 6th Grader? 300 Build A Tower Out of 3"x5" Index Cards To Save The Animals From the Alligators in the Swamp! 611 Can You Hear Me Now? 607 Five Senses 413 Flippin' for FlipGrid 207 Kindergarten Can Code 403 Learning Through SeeSaw 606 New Year, New Acts of Kindness 720 Order of Operations Digital Escape 405 The Art of Robots 710 The Power of a Magnet 415 Three Little Pigs Stem Challenge 603 You Can't Catch Me 204 2D Shapes Using iMotion App on iPad 416 A Day In The Life of a Roman 310 All the things you need to know about a nonfiction book 420 Bloxels Sight Word Practice 203 Bringing Books to Life 208 Channel Love News: The most accurate weather forecast 712 Design Max Robotics Competition: A Presentation 613 EV3 Robots: A Problem-Solving Process 301 Fluency with Flipgrid 620 Getting Creative with Book Creator 417 Gingerbread FlipGrid 616 How Our Turkey Got Away 605 If I Could Learn Anything in the World 400 Kinder Learning at Curtis 815 Kindergarten Meteorologists 201 Levels of Lemons: Levels of Industry Explained in a Fun Way 101 Lexia and Goal Setting: The Impact 307 Make Your Mark 409 Mission Moon 302 Number Sense 411 Seesaw Activities In Kinder 609 The Effect of Frequent U.S Elections 102 Winter Stem 718 "It's The Hard-Knock Life" Scenes from "Annie" UNION Painting With Crayons: Get Hands on with Recycled Art 717 Creative Media Production Academy: Behind the Scenes at NHStv HALL Dino's Magic Shows HALL Floral Design Interpretive Arrangements and Student Demonstrations HALL The Great GATES Debate 825 Biomedical Academy Showcase HALL EMT Room 1: Get Your Vitals Checked 104 EMT Room 2: Eye Exams and CPR 105 Escape from Olympus!: Digital Breakout Experience STEM LOUNGE Learn to fly! HALL LEGO Robotics: Play & Build 109 Live Demo! Digital 3D Modeling 618 NHS Art EXPOsition HALL NISD Robotics Tournament GYM Shears of Steele in ACTION! HALL The Competitive Advantage with Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications HALL Towable BBQ HALL VEI Trade Show from the Academy of Business Management and Entrepreneurship HALL

6:15pm CST

Book Snaps 815 Bringing Coding to Life One Plot at a Time with Ozobots! 605 Chamber Music STAGE Cloud Magic 207 Empowering Shared Reading 606 I Know What I Read Last Summer LIBRARY Prose Reading Demonstration 703 The Great Duck! Rabbit! Debate/Opinion Writing 416 What's the Weather? 607 Code a Poem 302 Difference Makers 817 Moving from CCTV to MATT Integrated Technology for Visually Impaired Students 613 Mrs. Daugherty's Meteorologists 611 One Word 720 Saving the Polar Express 400 Sharing Our Math Learning With Pear Deak 409 You've Got Mail! - Friendly Letter Writing 205 Allen Say SPARKED Our Opinions 603 Aquaponics 300 Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas 609 Digital Thinking Maps Using Poplet 415 E-Portfolio 102 Fish in a Tree Anti-Bullying Campaign 418 Holidays Around the World 604 How to Walk a Dog 307 Hungry Hungry Electromagnets 203 Informational Books by Nance First Graders 411 Math Digital Escape Room 620 Nails and Gases 303 Natural Disasters Project 103 One Little Word 420 Passion Project: The Brain 301 Pic Collage 101 413 Reciclaje/Recycling using Book Creator 401 Resort Report 201 Second Grade Author Studies with Google Classroom 204 States of Matter 417 Telling Time on the Hour Using Depth and Complexity 306 The Best Thing On Earth 718 The Empathy Project 405 Two Cities Weather Data 616 Under Construction 310 Welcome to our Virtual Classroom 710 Who Wants to Learn? 208 Wonderful Weather 403 Euthanasia in Pop Culture 830 The Better Buy! 101 PNN: Pike Nation News & Media 712

6:30pm CST

6:45pm CST

7:00pm CST

Circuit Creations 306 Does the density of a liquid affect how far light travels through it? 416 Experimenting with Performance Literature STAGE Lighting 301 Looking through Different Lenses 415 One-Point Perspective Cityscape 403 Rapid Changes (volcano & earthquake) Demonstration 611 Sew easy, let us show you what to do! 409 The Workings of Diabetes 203 Volumeville 718 Hughes Character Cabins 603 JavaScript - Learning with CodeHS 703 Magic Magnets 815 Student Led Transformational Learning in Math 417 A Passion Project: 3D Printing 720 Actions Speak Louder Than Words...idioms 413 Advanced Coding for Elementary Students 310 Ancient Civilization: A Deeper Look into Mayans and Aztecs 101 Architectural Deisgn of Northwest ISD Aquatic Center 609 Battle of the Planets 830 Change the World Initiatives 401 Discover the earth in: Transform boundaries 607 Empathy Project 303 Empowering Leaders with The Leader in Me 606 Food Truck Frenzy! 204 Getting to Know Chris Van Allsburg 616 Granger Makes a "Soup'er Impact on our Community 208 Hatchet Lego Style! 207 Kindness Rock Garden 605 Operation Christmas Child 613 Reconstruction 405 Sales Ad Project: Percents 712 Shark Tank 302 Stories Coming Alive 103 Student-Led Clubs: Football Club 710 Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators 418 Texas Region Advertisement 620 The Fateful Night of the Titanic 604 The Power of Citrus 817 The Problem Solvers 420 Transforming Learning About the Past 411 Trash Talk 307 Puzzle Cube Design Challenge 400 Student Operated Enterprise - Bobcat Designs 201 Becoming a Future Architect 205 Macbeth Crime Scene 300

7:15pm CST

A Partnership in Performance STAGE Extemporaneous Speaking Demonstration 703 GATES Debate 609 Gravity Waves: A Simulation 717 Illustrator With Only One Shape 203 My Cartoon 409 Paper Airplane Inquiry Project 416 The Rubik Fidget 301 Disappearing Resources 817 Ocean 605 Raising Self-Awareness with Tangrams 306 Slinging into physics LIBRARY SunRISE Creations - A student-led business 611 The Process of Printmaking 413 The Unplugged Challenge 403 Unlock! 302 A Mole of STEM: Let's Rock & Mole! 613 A Smashing Book Trailer 418 American Revolution 616 Ancient Times ( Theme Park Mini ) 606 Animal Extinction: A Major Problem! 102 Banned Books in a Dream House 718 Bill of Rights Gamers 417 Change the World Initiative 401 Chinese Cinderella 607 Circuit Project 204 Empathy for Hunger Project 303 Evolution of the ePortfolio 103 Impending Disaster 830 Inside a 4th-Graders Mind! 310 Morning Meeting 710 Multiple Inteligences: It's Not How Smart You Are, It's How You Are Smart! 207 Newly Designed Worlds 604 Our Class Story -Collaborative Whole Class Story Writing in Spanish 405 Our Eggs Soar! 712 Patricia Polacco STEAM Project 415 Sassy Sweethearts 620 Show What We Know 815 Student Led Learning - The Digital Escape 411 Technological Advancements: Cultural and Linguistic Relativity 208 The Burning Book 307 The History Of J.C.T 420 Tis' the Season 824 Tornado Lucy Research: Our Collaborative Experience! 603 Voices of NHS: Literary Expressions from Northwest's Creative Writing Club 720 What is Means to be a Citizen 101

7:30pm CST

A Giant Step in Jazz 613 Artwork in A Digital Era 203 Black Star Train 710 Debate: A Necessary Skill for Students Today 604 Going in Circles: Getting Better Data While Studying Centripetal Force 717 Impromptu Speaking 703 Potato vs Lemon Battery 416 Small Ensemble Performance 401 Yahtzee!: Coding a Classic 720 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 413 Electrical Demonstration and Interactive Opportunity 201 Grand Challenges of Engineering: Food Insecurity in our own Backyard (A Panel) 712 Mobile Applications-React Native/MIT App Inventor 606 Residential 2 Story Floor Plan & Model 611 Avatar 409 Blazing the Way 420 Breaking OUT of College 302 Business Branding with Adobe: Learning Through Success 609 Comparing Atomic Bombs to Frankenstein 405 Creating the Perfect World 307 D-Day 603 Determining Plate Tectonics Boundaries Google Earth Activity 815 Día De Los Muertos Project 103 Digital Design 411 Digital Periodic Table of Elements 415 Dream Bigger - Careers that Inspire... 718 Feed the Dog Rube Goldberg Style 208 GATES Architects 205 Hiccups 102 It's Time to S.H.I.N.E 830 Magical Woman 306 My AVID Story 400 My Generation's Big Conundrum 824 My Mayan Report 101 Our Smarts Community: It's not How Smart You Are; it's How You Are Smart! 207 Speed Debating 303 Student Work Showcased to and Authentic Audience 310 Text Features Book Publishing 616 Tour of Knowledge Strategy 817 Unselfie Development through Yearbook Publication 417 Virtual Science Lab 301 Vision Boards 418 Why Hunting Isn't A Bad Thing 607 Numb & Simplify Live Performances STAGE Wind: An Alternative Energy 620 Deaf For A Day 403 Tornado Shelter Improvement/T.S.I. 605 Design your Own Country 204 EATON EXPOSED (Virtual Art Gallery) LIBRARY

7:45pm CST